New Memberships

To be considered for membership we ask people to first attend three Club functions as a visitor, including at least one meeting and one 4WD trip (See the Club Trips Overview).


New Members

New member fee of $90.00 = $50.00 (club fee) + $20.00 (4WD SA fee) + $20.00 (administration fee - one time only)

If you are, or have been a club member from another 4 wheel drive club, please let the Membership Officer know as you may not have to incur that $20.00 fee for 4WD SA.

Existing Members
For existing members a annual fee of $70.00 is required ($50.00 club + $20.00 4WD SA).


If you have any questions regarding our membership or the fees, please come along to one of our meetings or email us at or