Meetings & Trips

Visitors are welcome to attend club meetings and to participate in club trips.
Please contact the membership officer if you wish to attend a club trip before first attending a club meeting so that your details can be properly registered with the club.

Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month (except January) at 7.30 pm at:
Modbury Sports and Community Club
2 Hazel Grove, Ridgehaven, SA, 5097


To become a member we ask people to first attend three Club functions as a visitor, including at least one meeting and one 4WD trip (See the Events Calendar and Club Trips Overview). You will then be asked to apply for membership which is subject to a vote by members at a general monthly meeting.

Membership Fees

New Membership : June/July/Aug/Sep/Oct      $90 (valid until June the next year)
                                  : Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar        $65 (valid until June the next year)
                                  : Apr/May                         (No new membership - wait until June)
                                  Joining Fee $20 (if applicable - this usually applies to new club members)


Membership Renewal $70

If you are a member of another 4WD Club affiliated with 4WDSA please let the Membership Officer know.

Contact Us

You can contact the club by writing to us, visiting us at a club meeting, using the 'Contact Us' links at the bottom of each page, or by clicking here to email our Secretary.

You can also download a copy of our club brochure.



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