Next Meeting

Club meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) at the Modbury Sports and Community Club, Hazel Grove, Ridgehaven SA).

NEW VENUE - With Effect JULY 2017:
Modbury Sports and Community Club
Hazel Grove, Ridgehaven

The following is an outline of the agenda for the next meeting. The agenda is updated each month on the weekend before the club meeting to allow for the addition of items from the club committee meeting. Note that the agenda may not necessarily be addressed at the meeting in the order listed.

2nd August 2017 meeting - Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)
We look forward to seeing you there.

    1. Business Arising from the previous meeting(s).


    2. Information Session / Presentation

      To Be Advised.

    3. Club Committee Position Reports.

    President & Vice President Report
    Secretary Report
    Treasurer Report
    Public Officer Report
    Newsletter Editor Report
    Training Officer Report
    SAAFWDC Delegate Report
    Events Coordinator Report
    Appointed Position Reports (where needed) - Library, Membership.

    3. General Business (including club raffle draw)

    We look forward to seeing you and sharing our trips and experiences with you.



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