Tips - Beach Driving


Traction and tire pressure:
In sandy soil, the sand is soft and the resistance is high. Similar to muddy soil, gaining traction in sand is difficult. In order to avoid getting stuck, reduce the tire pressure. However, too much reduction could cause the tires to separate from the rims causing a whole new set of problems.

Gear selection:
Considering the strong resistance, “L3 or 4” is a good choice. If the vehicle is equipped with a differential lock system, activate it.

Steering and clutch operation:
Don't turn suddenly. Stepping on the clutch could get the vehicle stuck. Therefore, use a gear which will take you through the entire trip without shifting. If you must shift, do it quickly so as not to lose momentum. Automatic transmission is thus preferable over manual transmission as it doesn't require the driver to use a clutch.

Stopping a vehicle:
Applying brakes will sink the vehicle. Therefore, let the vehicle stop by itself or, even better, stop the vehicle on a solid surface or at a high position so that restarting on a downhill slope is possible.


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